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Zack Grienke recently wrapped up his 2009 season.  He finished the year with a 16-8 record, and a 2.16 ERA, as well as coming within 2 strikeouts of Dennis Leonard's single season Royals record.

And he has one more statistic that many Cy Young voters will probably overlook.  That's because I just made it up.  :-)

It's called "Perecentage of Team Wins," or TW%.

It's a very simple statistic: How utterly on his own is a pitcher?  The higher the perecentage, the less help he had, and the harder it is for him to generate wins.  To determine the TW%, divide the number of wins by his team (in Zack's case, 65) by his wins (16).

Thusly, the top Cy Young contenders (Felix Hernandez, C.C. Sabathia, Justin Verlander and Zack) have TW% (rounded to two decimal places) as follows:

C.C. Sabathia: 5.53
Justin Verlander: 4.72
Felix Hernandez: 4.67
Zack Grienke: 4.06

What this basically tells us is: Either Grienke has been Cooperstown-esque for a good team, or Cy Young-esque for a poor team.  And the Royals are a very poor team.  Which, rather than hinder his Cy Young candidacy, should help it.  To do even what he did, for such a horribly incompetent organization, is remarkable. 

That's why I believe that Zack Grienke should win the 2009 American League Cy Young Award, as the best pitcher in baseball.
Posted on: October 2, 2009 4:59 pm

The One Billion Dollar Man

Tiger Woods has become the first athlete to earn one billion dollars, that's $1,000,000,000, over the course (course!  Ehem, little pun there...) of his career.

Now I know they are entertainers, and that they put in a lot of time and effort, but still!  Sports stars should NOT earn more than doctors and firefighters!  It's just not right!  Especially golfers!  All you do is hit a ball with a long stick for 4 hours!  I recently came across a great quote from Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez: "...I didn't even know you could make money playing sports until I was 9."

Yet he still played, and he grew up to be possibly THE best shortstop of the 21st century.  But he recently signed a contract extension through 2011 that gives him only an average of (only!) 5.5 million a year.  He could probably get 12-15 million in free agency.

I mean, 5.5 million is still a lot of dough, but I applaud him for choosing situation and playing time over money, Money, MONEY!  Like some players I could mention (*coughcoughJohnnyDamoncoughcough*).

A shocking statistic I came across today: the NBA minimum salary (of about $475,000) is still in the top 1% of incomes in America.

Let's provide for the people who save our lives and keep them in order, and THEN we can provide for those who entertain us, and spend their entire careers having fun.
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Tomorrow's the Big Day!

EDIT ON OCTOBER 2nd:  Boo ya!  I'm physic!  The IOC announced today that Rio de Janiero will host the 2016 Summer Olympics!  :-D  The runner-up was Madrid, followed by Tokyo and then Chicago.  Chicago was the first city eliminated! :-(

ORIGINAL ENTRY (from OCTOBER 1st): Tomorrow the IOC will meet in Copenhagen (that's in Denmark) to decide on the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  It's been narrowed down to Chicago, IL; Rio de Janiero, Brazil; Tokyo, Japan and Madrid, Spain.  Sources say that it is currently to close to call, and that each city has an equal shot.  Though I would like to think of Chicago as a favorite.  :-)

Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and 10 former gold medalists will be in Copenhagen campaigning for Chicago.  Talk about star power!

Votes are often centimental, so with that in mind you would have to consider Rio and Chicago top contenders.  South America has NEVER hosted an Olympics, so Rio getting the '16 games would be HUGE.  But 2016, unless voted out of office, will be Barack Obama's, the first African-American president of the US, last full year as president.  His home town is Chicago.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here: I am predicting...that Rio de Janiero will host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Just Watch.

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The Red Sox Lose, Clinching the Wild Card?

One thing you will learn on Sportz Speak is that I am normally an unbiased, unopinionated, completly neutral sports fan.

Except when it comes to the Boston Red Sox.

And this is a little embarrasing.

MLB Network cut into the NESN broadcast last night of the Red Sox game...our magic number was 1, and a win would allow us to clinch the wild card!  But Kevin Youkillis struck out looking on a FASTBALL on a 3-2 count with two runners on with the Red Sox down by one in the ninth.  YET WE STILL GOT THE WILDCARD!

The Rangers lost later that night to the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem (really, does the name have to be that long?  There's some serious indecisiveness going on there in LA, first it was the California Angels, then the Anahiem Angels, and now this?  MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!) giving us the wild card in a decidedly non-dramatic fasion.  Woo-hoo.  Rather than running around the house shouting and waving my trusty old Sox cap, I simply pumped my fist after seeing the headline on and went on with my day.

On the bright side, though, a playoff spot is still a playoff spot.  And Justin Frasor (who got the save for the Blue Jays against the Red Sox) is on my fantasy team.  :-)

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Welcome to Sportz Speak!

Welcome to my new blog, Sportz Speak!

I have not contributed much to CBSSports recently, so I didn't want my score to fall!  Plus, all my buddies have blogs, so I was beginning to feel left out! ;-)  (check out Random Sports Talk and The Awesome Blog of Awesomeness)

If it is a sport, you'll find it discussed, reviewed and laughed at here in Sportz Speak!  Enjoy!

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